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Meet Luna, our therapy dog


Luna is a young female black Labrador who is certified obedience trained. She is currently going through a training programme to become a certified therapy dog. She has a calm temperament and loves being with people. She is happy to have cuddles and play as well as give clients space when needed. 

Luna will be part of our therapy work, but occasionally she may not be present, due to time off from training.

There are many benefits with animal assisted therapy. Multiple studies have found that being around animals can improve mood and reduce the risk of developing depression. Other studies have found that dogs in particular, can support in decreasing the feelings of anxiety and sadness as well as increasing physical activity.

Spending time with a therapy dog raises endorphins and helps keep people's minds clear of mood-lowering thoughts, which raises their positivity. A therapy dog promotes improvement in human functions such as physical, social, emotional, or cognitive. By providing comfort and affection, therapy dogs play a role in animal-assisted therapy which helps people with or without diagnosed conditions. The presence of an animal provides comfort and a needed distraction from an otherwise challenging time.

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